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Villainy - The Tape Villainy - The Tape

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love it! Had to call the whole family around the soft glow of the PC to share in this gem.

Have you considered putting this short on vhs tapes with bloody pentagrams on them and leaving them scattered about your city? Would you mind if other people did? Seems like an appropriate way to advertise your stuff.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Reminiscent of the syndicate series of games from Bullfrog. There's actually a kickstarter in process right now to produce the follow up: Satellite Reign that you might find interesting. :)

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What are the odds? What are the odds?

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Thought provoking, but you're overlooking somthing:

None of your events are independent. Thus, the formula for Probability(first event happens and sencond event happens) is NOT Prob(1st event happens) x Probability(2nd Event Happens). Instead it's Probability(1st event happens) x Probability(2nd event happens GIVEN 1st event happened).

Note that the given can be expressed either way, so for example, Probability(our solar system can support life AND I'm alive) can be expressed either as Probability(our solar system can support life) x Probability(I'm alive given our solar system can support life) OR Probability(I'm alive) x Probability(our solar system can support life GIVEN that I'm alive).

Those two probabilities above with the swapped givens are mathmaticially equivalent, but notice that in the second one: Probability(I'm alive) x Probability(our solar system can support life GIVEN that I'm alive), the second probability equals 1. ie: the solar system MUST be able to support life given that I exist.

That means that if you run the math with the conditionals in place, a lot of the events you're counting probability from disappear.

Then, you have to understand that the probability "I" exist, assuming my parents made a child is 100%. Why? Because the probability that I have SOME genome, given my parents had a child is 100%. While the probability I get a specific genome is an incredibly unlikely event, you're looking at a posterior probability, while in fact, if I had a completely different genome, it would still be "my" genome. It's impossible for me to have any genome BUT mine.

A lot of your probabilities shake out in issues like that too.

So, in the end, your probabilities are way off for various mathematical and philosophical issues, but that didn't stop it from being a fun video with an uplifting message, so I'm more nitpicking because probability and nitpicking are "my thing" to do. What's the probability of that? :p

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Emrox responds:

Hey, I'm happy to hear you were able to enjoy it anyway :3
A couple of other people said the same thing in their reviews, but you made it pretty clear as to how I could have rethought this instead of writing "That's stupid it's 100% take stats class again" (actual review.)

Anyway, thanks again! I find this sorta thing pretty fascinating.

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Sentences order game Sentences order game

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Looks good, though some sentences could be arranged in more than one way. For example, one of my sentences had the phrase "at the moment" in it. I think it was "At the moment I am arranging English grammar."
Problem is this sentence could be properly arranged:
"At the moment I am arranging English grammar."
"I am arranging English grammar at the moment ."
"I at the moment am arranging English grammar."
"I am at the moment arranging English grammar."

Most of the time, context like capitals and punctuation give enough clues, but strict adherence to one form when several could be used could lead to confused users.

A simple fix would be to stick with less complex sentences with no unnecessary clauses or phrases.

An unrelated complaint: The balloons occasionally were "dropped" for what seemed like no reason.

Neither of these issues keep it from being a useful tool though. Good job.

ahtingir responds:

You are right but we have formed as ''At the moment...'' starts with capital A. This is a mixed tense game. We thought sentences can be any form, sometimes time adverbs can be at the beginning ....

Balloons drop because of 25 seconds passes.

Thank you very much for your feedback

no-one has to die. no-one has to die.

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Congrats on one of the most depressing time travel systems ever. Imagine a set of n cups holding n balls. If you remove the balls then place them randomly in cups, the probability any given cup gets no balls is ((n-1)/n)^n as n tends towards infinity, this converges to 1/e ~ 37% so with the very first jump you've created a multiverse with a 63% population density. The next jump results in 1 - (1/e)^(1-1/e) density ~ 47% and so on. if the density of a jump state is k, the density of the next is 1-(1/e)^k. This doesn't appear to converge so it will eventually get to 0 although it does decrease at a decreasing rate.

The Rose is Blooming The Rose is Blooming

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Had a lot of fun. Got to about 300 days before I realized I wasn't logged in :(

Unless my computer was lagging for some reason though, I found that there was a lot of needless waiting. Searching took way too long as did combat rounds.

In general I find it very dissatisfying that upgrading weapons and armor does absolutely nothing. I suspect that it actually does do something but that it's paced very well with an increase in zombie strength, the result being that zombies always take 3-4 hits to kill and do 2-3 hps of damage during a fight no matter what weapons and armor you have.

I would suggest making different types of zombies with different stats (at least if those already exist I couldn't tell) and different names, so that occasionally when I meet a weak zombie with my awesome new gear it shows the progress I made. Similarly I might run up against a tough zombie and have to run. In fact, this mechanic could completely replace the annoying "super zombie" events.

I'd also like to see more options from merchants and more realistic prices for gear and maybe a choice of extras when you level up so that the game has more options for strategy and builds as opposed to a single winning strategy.

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Furry Pin-Up Girl Furry Pin-Up Girl

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I recognize Sam!

Sam (now passed) won the world's ugliest dog competition several times. However, Sam is also a male dog. So I'm not sure about this pinup girl. Is she just really manly? A transvestite? What?

O.K. just joking around. Yeah Sam is a male dog, but so what, this is still hilarious and you did a stellar rendition of him. Excellent work!

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Adventure Times Adventure Times

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Any chance we can get this as a poster?

Fatastic! Love your style. I'd love to get this as a poster.

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